Saturday, October 1, 2016


Another Brazilian band emerges to reiterate the point that extreme metal is still thriving down there. Sodor was formed of Jeff (vocals, bass) and Andrei (guitar) in 2012 and hired drummer John Clay (Inhuman God) to release their debut demo Evil Thrash Metal in 2014. Their second demo Executor is a preview of the band’s next album, taped live and old school style. Don’t decide if you like this or not by the standard-for-rehearsal-recordings sound quality. Instead listen intently to the efficiency of the songwriting, contemplating how you’d hear it recorded in a professional studio. This will give you more of an objective concept of their aptitude.  Would I have liked this band in the mid 80s? The steady, even percussion, the slow crunching riffs suggesting something aggressive is shortly to follow, the hardcore-tinged thrash sections, the classic touch in the lead vocals, the shades of German thrash. All this would likely have spent several days at a time in my stereo. All the principles that made thrash metal a force to be reckoned with are plugged into these songs, and yes they are given the contemporary treatment with affectations of death metal added at random in a few of them. That the band recorded a practice session to compile this release gives you a feeling of being there watching the rehearsal. In a way this also gives you a chance to hear the moments where the material can be improved upon. Songs like Extermínio and Festa Infernal reminded me of old Kreator while songs like Necrófilo rely less on thrash and more on slow, grinding themes to make their point. Sodor’s Youtube channel has uploads of each song along with a few clips filmed at their shows. There is one I liked, filmed at an outdoors show in June of 2013. The song in this video is Brutal Matança from the ETM demo. The band is currently rehearsing with a new drummer who will be announced early next year. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Extermínio
2. Caçada Metal
3. Genocídio
4. Executor
5. Festa Infernal
6. Mensageiro da Morte
7. Necromutilador
8. Necrófilo
9. Reino das Trevas
10. Retalhador
11. Tormentor

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