Sunday, October 9, 2016

Judith by M Teresa Clayton: Chapter Nineteen

JUDITH by M Teresa Clayton
Chapter Nineteen

“There are some minds like either convex or concave mirrors, which represent objects such as they receive them, but never receive them as they are.” - Joseph Joubert

“How did she do after the last session?” the doctor asked.
“She slept the rest of that day and most of the next morning,” came a reply from somewhere to the right.
“Any communication? Any indication she is improving?”
“No sir, no significant improvement. She eats for us and allows us to administer her meds to her, but that’s about it.”
“And the brush? Doesn’t look like anyone has gotten anywhere near her with that brush,” the doctor chuckled.
“Suzanne tried to brush her hair yesterday sir. We had to call in the orderly to help us subdue and sedate her. She was able to get the brush from Suzanne’s hand and broke her nose with it. Blood was everywhere.”
Ah, yes. That was exciting! After a nice warm bath with the ladies chatting away about their private lives (and the private lives of everyone else on the floor), it was blissfully relaxing and strangely erotic... smashing.
Everything went quite well, if I do say so myself, until that bitch picked up the brush. Who do they think they are? It’s doesn’t belong to them!
Oh, the surprised look of terror when I snatched that brush out of her hand and swung it hard into the center of her face… BAM! And the bright red spray of blood that immediately erupted from her nose, the splatter hitting my face…warm thickness, a light organic taste as it trickled past the corner of my mouth… it tasted…
 “Hey! Wait a sec, I think she’s awake, sir. She is smiling…” the woman to my right sounded as if she’d seen a ghost.
“Ms. Burton? Can you hear me?” The doctor was careful to approach and I could feel the bodies closing in just in case he needed some assistance.
“Let’s go ahead and push the sedative please, and since we’re starting today with a little more juice I want everyone watching vitals.”

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