Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: 'Katie' by Big Jim

By Big Jim

Katie my Katie what sweet steps u walked.bringing sunshine and grace gently touching us all.from the day we first met in the hospital halls.little lives we lead standing firm with are faults. Blood in blood out dialysis machines life feeling so cruel with no choice but to dream.we did our time in two different worlds stuck Katie sweet Katie forever my god as our witness we both made it out finding forever being right here and now.i miss the softness of your hand resting in mine sharing our darkness one little piece at a time. we came we saw and then we left again making pathways in are hearts and still remaining friends.katie sweet Katie I mourned when you left I love you’s never spoken, still letters you're too far from gone and I missed my good bye playing song after song....still waiting to cry.please know I loved you honestly and whole hearted Katie sweet Katie my dearly departed.

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