Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: 'You' by Linzie Grotesque


broken hearts, shattered lies
you in which are what i solemnly despise
you make me yield upon the cruel
you set me down like a porcelain doll on a stool
you lash out at me in vein
you show me everything through pain
you make me sick upon vile render
you are everything i used to despair
you leave me here with sorrow
you make me feel as if there’s no tomorrow as if this is one big nightmare
you sit me in this angry chair and it takes a lot to wonder do you even care?
you are farther then what’s beyond unhappiness
you are indeed lower then low
you are something i feel i should dispose
you is what i always had wished was true
you are now the fool

i hate you with every word that comes from my mouth not to mention the air that i breath
you is what made me blinded and who deceived me
i hate you with every move i ever made
you are what made me thirst & lust for something
so not true and made me feel as if i had to fade
i knew for fucking sure you wasn’t here to stay
it was just one big pretend play
a show you put on to make you look good and make us look blissful
so when you fucked up
it looked as if i was in the wrong
and you were in the right

despite the jaded edges of my torn heart
as it was ripped from my chest
i knew this shit was for the better of me and you
not to mention the best
although your just getting this through a well written poet but you fucked up and now i’m sure you know it
i bet your sitting there now wondering was it all me or was it all you
you wonder why your name isnt mentioned in this
and its because your names not worth the breathe nor space and your names something id rather not want to ever taste
so run along my little friend this is now the bitter end

now all that i have to say than already been said
thank you for everything you have ever done
cause you sicken me more than most and some
i mean i dont mean to boast
you suck at all things you do
so now then tell me baby was that cruel?
did you think that’s what i thought when you said i mean everything to you?

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