Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: 'Who Is The Savage' by Debbie Dixon

Who Is The Savage

In the heat of the day
You do not see me breathe
Ha’ if you do, then you lie about me
But I am not there, I have been away

I was chasing you- you say, and I laugh
Faster than any speeding arrow
While you were following the straight and narrow
And I, the predator, covered in the skin of your calf

The very thing you claim you should kill me for
Is draped all over you from your head to the floor
A million animals cry out for their skin
To you this is merely adornment, to me it is kin

At least I eat what I take down to its knees
And pray to the great dog to understand, to forgive me
How many bison did your war party spitefully kill
And left whole the decaying animals just for the thrill

I am not a threat to you or any of your kind
We are so much more afraid of the demons that you see
Of all the stories that you have told to frightened minds
Of the ravenous wolf who kills your precious stock for its meat

Deep into the night there is no hungry wolf to be seen
He does not send out cries of war, there is no evil sound
He sends a hollow voiced warning to all that would have been
Now just a ghost in the night, now that he has been found

He knows what animal is without a soul
The massacre that came like a thief without warning
Man came and went, and left to die young and old
And no thought was given to leaving wolf's pack in mourning

Debbie Dixon

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