Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: 'There Are No Rules' by Steven Michael Pape

There Are No Rules

"There are no rules"
the voice from the loudspeaker proclaimed
barely audible amidst the chaos
hanging by a rusty hook,

In dirty infested alleyways
people fornicate
their breath like rising fog
their gasps like dying animals
releasing endorphins
to cope with the despair,

The cameras had been dismantled
causing shops to be looted
bereft of all belongings
left to burn into ashes
that blow into the playing childrens
dirty faces,

Everyone is drinking
homemade liqour
sweetened with speed
brewed with rotten fruit
causing mass hysteria
as fights break out,

Blood splashes on the clothes
of the bystanders
the broken noses of society
the bloodied knuckles
of love and hate,

There are no rules
in this concrete wasteland
growing desperate like its people
there is only anger and hate
and the bitter taste left
in the mourning mouth.

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