Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: Untitled by Omesh Darkchild Crasher

By Omesh Darkchild Crasher

Blackened shadows haunt me, grey skies envelope my soul
A blade gleams in the dark welcoming it’s sterile strike, blood thirsty edge
Soil like ash, foundation ripped apart where I stand, certainty is nothing
Black showers fall, desecrating the beauty of a pure soul
Ripping away with the sharpest claws, melancholic screams fill my hollow mind
All that is with me is my haunting shadow, a reflection of whom I hate
Misery calls me with it’s sweetest voice, a voice of deafening screams
Heavy clouds gather at the base of my mind, tearing every trace of sanity, from whole to shreds
Blood flows through the splitting skin, defiling the razors edge… pure , silver
A scream from within deafens me, guiding me in this blackened path I find
Solace in the edge, solace is the step across the edge
Sorrow bathed in insanity, black empty personality I wait for my time impatiently.

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