Thursday, October 27, 2016

CD Review: V/A "Metal Scrap Compilation #9" (Metal Scrap Records) by Dave Wolff

Metal Scrap Records
Metal Scrap Records is a Ukraine independent label run by Alexander Kondyuk who manages Total Metal Records and Another Side Records. I examined the official site showcasing all three labels Kondyuk has his act together. Metal Scrap, Total Metal and Another Side are to the Ukraine what Metal Blade and Relapse are to the States. Total Metal is furthermore involved in promotion, distribution and booking performances. If you’re new to Kondyuk’s activities you should explore website because he’ll likely be a vital underground force in the near future. Metal Scrap is supporting its myriad of artists on Bandcamp. With previews of new releases the ninth volume of its compilation series is streamed in its entirety. At close to 80 minutes, there are artists from the Ukraine, the States, Greece, Italy, Israel, Poland, Russia and Australia featured. Like all worthwhile compilations it’s well rounded and gives you a good idea how diverse the label is. Each song is something different to subsist on, from traditional metal to thrash and power metal to black and death metal to Viking to industrial to groove. With Halloween around the corner, Druknroll’s The Loop Of World Creation constructs an appropriate motif to start the compilation off. The keyboard introduction got me thinking of Mike Myers in Carpenter’s 1978 film walking the streets searching for a home to terrorize. Many keyboards are added to enhance the verses and choruses of this song and do a fine job. The same can be said for Hortus Anime’s Ungrateful Fate for its subtle keyboard additions, especially those underscoring the Metallica/Iron Maiden inspired guitar interlude. This is a strange addition to black metal but it seems to work. And there was Brokdar’s Lycanthropy, an inventive black/death metal selection with a piano introduction, slightly dissonant guitars and creepy guitar solos. What really grew on me was the in-the-hands-of-the-fans philosophy uniting all the artists who submitted material to this compilation. Yet again, listening felt as if it was 1996 or 1997 as these bands had the same deviceful hunger as bands did in those days. Aeternus Prophet, One Step Beyond, Phantasmal, Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus, Grenouer and Divine Weep are good examples of this label’s underground stance. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Druknroll - The Loop of World Creation
2. Psychophobia - The Fall
3. Aeternus Prophet - White Rot of Missing Thoughts
4. Hortus Animae - Ungrateful Fate
5. Sabotage - Don't Panic
6. Estate - Hero
7. One Step Beyond - Enlightenment
8. Brokdar - Lycanthropy
9. Phantasmal - Specter of Death
10. Sunlight - Struggle for Deliverance
11. Dark Morok - Night of the Shadows
12. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus - The Child Must Die
13. Strident - Final Warhead Blast
14. Xpus - Primordial Evil Essence
15. Grenouer - No Sense Aligned
16. Divine Weep - Age of the Immortal
17. Ungrace - Dead Ugly Hearts

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