Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I will start out by saying this album is amazing. Fans of NARGAROTH, GORGOROTH, MAYHEM, and any lesser-known underground black-metal bands are sure to fall in love with this album once they listen to it. The guitars are great and the drums viciously pound along with the intricate bass guitar work. All instruments are ''more than good" but the bass guitar is what jumps out at me the most. I have been listening to underground music for years, and I have found that the majority of black-metal bands are treble oriented, but with this release, the bass is well recorded and highly pronounced, which is a good thing. The vocals range from piercing highs to low-end gutturals, but my favorite vocal work on this album would have to be on ''Totenkamph'' as the change in vocal style was unexpected but highly enjoyable. I have not heard much Ukranian black-metal, but this proves that they can chug along with the best of the best. I highly suggest that you check this album out, as it is a great piece of dark, musical art. I may be getting a bit off-topic, but this is the type of music that makes me want to climb mountains, or alternatively, drink fancy red wine alone in my bedroom as I wear a tuxedo, consumed by the smoke that surrounds me. A ''must listen'' for black-metal fans. -Devin Joseph Meaney

Track list:
1. Awaken
2. Empyrium Et Nihil
3. Gestapofallos
4. Black Dawn
5. Dark Thunder Sky
6. Totenkampf
7. Mörk

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