Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Video Review: BURY THE MACHINES Beneath My Wrath by Deanna Revis

Beneath My Wrath
From their current full length Wicked Covenant (Midnite Collective)
I feel like this video and song shows a bit of the truth of who we all are. The monster, the rage, the WRATH we all have inside. Even if it is well hidden, it is there. Watching this video and listening to the song, you feel like the songwriter is sharing a piece of his tortured soul with you. Like he is pouring out his heart and showing you what devours him, driving him mad. Therefore making you think about your own monsters, feeling your own madness. The lyrics and imagery on this one expose so much of the raw honest truth, and makes you really think and start to feel your own wrath. Bury The Machines is a stoner metal band from Chicago IL, by way of Los Angeles CA. John E Bomher Jr- obscenities, guitar, bass, synth, and vocals. Mark Serpico Jr- drums. -Deanna Revis

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