Sunday, July 9, 2017

Song review: INDIGNITY Consumed By Anhedonia

Consumed By Anhedonia
Taken from their upcoming album Realm of Dissociation
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Azar Arendarski at Studio Orion
This brutal death metal band from Poland formed in 2014 and released their debut demo Decrepitude in 2015. As good death metal bands do, they take their collective inspirations (in this case Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Decapitated) and make them sound as new and vital as when those bands’ own debut recordings came out. After starting the band guitarist Miras and drummer Tarki set out to find a vocalist to make an impression on death metallers that would not soon be forgotten. It wasn’t long before they discovered such a frontman in Kilas whose style is on par with George Corpsegrinder (CC), Ross Dolan (Immolation) and Will Rahmer (Mortician) in terms of depth, projection and how much wind is gathered from deep in his guts. Thrashers with an ear for distinction in DM vocals will hear without explanation how well he has achieved the physical discipline needed to perform effectively. The freehand blast section opening Consumed By Anhedonia establishes the band’s capaibility to play fast while preparing the listener for the lyrics that announce a new world order is on the distant horizon, warning you not to be blinded by media distractions. As the band provided lyrics with the video you can follow while listening. The chorus chosen as the first verses joins a painfully slow dirge followed by the blast you heard beforehand. This is arranged in classic death metal fashion, a similar approach to the songwriting of bands who warned of religious principles preached by greedy hypocrites. The guitars weather those transitions without missing any cues and the bass keeps up with equal precision. Most of the song is built on the dirge from the beginning, especially toward the end. A fitting soundtrack to the lyrics. The next verses equate the illusion of comfort and the illusion of rebellion stemming from the same deception with no real opportunity for change. This point is driven all the way home by the final lines. All this makes for a potent song to help prepare for the release of the album. -Dave Wolff

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