Saturday, July 15, 2017

Single Review: NYN The Apory Of Existence

The Apory Of Existence
From their upcoming full length Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt, to be released on Vmbrella 8/11/17.
Available for streaming at Bandcamp
Mixed and mastered by Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger
I was floored by this track from NYN’s upcoming full length from the first notes. Listening and watching the video all the way through convinced me it’s nothing short of musical genius and I felt instantly inspired to cover it. Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt is scheduled for an August release and when it’s out I am sure it will shatter many perceptions of death metal’s technical prowess. Since 2012 Noyan Tokgozoglu who formed the band did most of the instruments as well programming for a couple releases, including the full length coming out next month. In the vein of prog metal the band’s imagery and lyrical themes are based on wizardry/sword and sorcery fantasy, rather than themes traditionally related to brutal death metal. The themes of their earliest singles and EPs were darker but started becoming more fantasy oriented with the release of the Torrential Flames single in 2014, returning to darker art again with the Equivalence EP released last year. Back to the promotional video, Tokgozoglu plays with a nine-string guitar and his closeup shots show his fingers all over the place as he executes the opening riff. Nothing overly flashy or overly extravagant in these shots, just him in an isolated woodland setting showcasing talent at handling his instrument, a talent that’s undeniable as he plays over a blast beat that sounds inhumanly impossible to keep up with unless you’re well versed in the art of blast. Most of the video shows him in this setting, an unobtrusive presentation in which the only “showing off” is the emphasis on his fretboard work. The guitar appears custom made but you would have to ask him directly if he constructed it. There are keyboards in this part of the song contributing a feeling of deep haunting, as if somewhere in the woodland there is a source of inscrutable power and energy. Tokgozoglu also handles low and high pitched vocals with equal aplomb. A variety of keyboards by Jimmy Pitts appear intermittently throughout the song, riding complex time changes and technical riffs to give it diverse themes. The most effective of these are the cold orchestral accents and electronic themes. Other guitar sounds brought in include an Indian theme appearing midsong. Mixer/masterer Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger who plays lead guitar is featured toward the end when his solo comes up. The Apory Of Existence boasts so much sheer speed and dexterity you really have to hear it firsthand to believe it. -Dave Wolff

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