Wednesday, July 5, 2017

EP Review: DECAPITATED MUM Decapitated Mum

Decapitated Mum
Decapitated Mum is a new grindcore band from Logan City, Queensland, Australia. They have sustained a steady lineup since forming in 2014, with the exception of founding drummer Matthew A. Ormerod who according to Encyclopedia Metallum left in 2016. Liam Guy joined them for their new EP as session drummer when it was recorded at Littie Saigon 2 with Jesse Haywood. Liam Guy is a familiar name if you read The Fallout Magazine in the 2000s and more recently the Dampman comic series for which he was interviewed here in March 2016. Before joining Guy was the drummer for Metallurgy, Sedition and Malakyte. At the time of this writing he is drumming for the Brisbane black/folk metal band Elkenwood. Bassist Josh Dawson is a member of the bands Indica, Peyote Goat-ie and Powerful Owl. With a name like Decapitated Mum, the black humor of their lyrics and the cover art of their debut EP (designed by Odinson Design) you know this is distinctly for purists who prefer returning to earlier days of grindcore instead of keeping up with the times. Their self-titled EP has five songs that were likewise included on their 2015 demo. Pugnacious, unsophisticated and abhorrent in every way imaginable, it has qualities sounding like early grindcore archetypes, before Napalm Death released Scum and Repulsion, Agathocles and Larm were breaking new ground in terms of speed and intensity. The knurled, decayed, weather-beaten guitar production is similar to 80s crust punk and anarcho punk while the band’s sound is closer to mid-90s grindcore with a substantial death metal/groove feel. Early Carcass comes to mind with Inbred From Retards/Burnawet, Blood Curry and Unabortable, songs as politically incorrect as can be in relation to their topics (the band cite Carcass as an influence along with Blood Duster). It may seem a difficult task for grindcore to continue to shock people but the lyrics made me cringe while I read them on the band’s Bandcamp page. The lyrics that were written for Cuntitled and Sex, Jugs and Cock n' Balls don’t let up in that department either. Decapitated Mum pay homage to the Illinois grindcore band Impetigo with a cover of Boneyard (from their Horror Of The Zombies album) as gore soaked as the original. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Decapitated Mum
2. Cuntpuncher
3. Inbred From Retards/Burnawet
4. Caesarean Cumbowl
5. Daddy's Gone Out for the Night
6. Cuntitled
7. Sex, Jugs and Cock n' Balls
8. Blood Curry
9. Unabortable
10. Boneyard (Impetigo cover)
11. Things Are Going to Get Frisky

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