Saturday, December 23, 2017

Article: "Merry Christmas Pete Berwick" by Devin Joseph Meaney

Merry Christmas Pete Berwick
Article by Devin Joseph Meaney

I have been stepping back recently from writing reviews, but as I feel the need to maintain a some-what consistent flow, here I am, the underdog poet, Here to brighten your day in all it's abysmal glory. Today I am not reviewing a CD, a movie or a book. Today I am doing a quick review of a man, a legend, an underground anti-hero for the ages. That's right, today I will be talking about Pete Berwick. The musical and poetic genius with comedic and dramatic wit. The man who will dress up as Santa, bring your kids presents and then punch a local coke dealer in the face.. This is the start of my review. For years Pete has been slugging along the music scene, many if not all of his songs filled with charm and integrity. Slower tunes set alongside heavy punk inspired twangs, but some how it all works out. He has been writing for a while with a handful of published titles and has also been making a re-emergence into the film circuit. He may be no multi-millionaire, but I will take his in your face "suck my bird" attitude over mass produced melodic radio trite any day. A man. A legend. I welcome you to Pete Berwick. Buy his music and books and watch his movies or else I will personally make a Christmas Elf take you to pound town. (did I mention he is handsome and kind of famous?) Do it. It is a necessity.

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