Saturday, December 9, 2017

Poem: 'Mother's Daughter' by Debbie Dixon

Mother's Daughter

High above the earthen land,
-She will forever walk, in light.
Oh mother moon, you are so grand,
-Illuminating the starry night.
Light a path to the universe;
-A staircase to the heavens.
Place your soft glowing hand in hers,
-Raise her up, with your tender leaven.
Rock her gently in your arms,
-For you, are her loving mother.
Keep her away from all earthly harms,
-Protect her, as would a true lover.
She; your child, with moonlit hair,
-Returning now to stardust.
Playing hopscotch, on cushions of air,
-Happily lost, in the wanderlust.

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