Saturday, December 9, 2017

Poem: 'K' by Natasa Nikolic

And I was led to the closet
Where anomalies stood poised
And her dark pride then
And there unfurled

In her cabinet of entertainment
Hanging flesh, in wild amazement
Pools of blood had me aghast
Ropes and silent screams at last

My eyes wide, downcast
To see naught...but my past

“No, this is the way
See them as they writhe!”
The shock and horror
All the same
For children’s grins
Twisted into shame

It must be greater
Your plans for the
Nighmares, hellish,
Devil’s painter

Don’t do it, mistress
Your purpose served
Best without interest

“It is good if they are frightened
Bigger closet - more fodder”

Twice it came, it called my name
Chaos she claimed, had me maimed

As I lose touch with reality…

The nightmares unwind
All at once, with her kind
Best not to rise, not to touch
I still don’t wish to move much

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