Saturday, December 9, 2017

Poem: 'WITHOUT!' by Rich Orth


Through arteries of iniquity
Into Darkness of one's heart
We weave amongst degradation
Leaving paths of searing scars
My livid memories
seem so distant now
Thread that supports
unceremoniously severed
I reference my sanity
with wanton disregard
Once a crescendo of voices
disembodied but so alive
I implored their obedience
needed their support to survive
My vivid memories
deemed visceral now
The dread that purports
not sanctimoniously endeavored
I now reference my sanity
with wanton regard
Conspicuous by their absence
Sanctimonious voices draw silent
Suspicious of revolution
I travel catacombs of my mind
Surveying landscape ethereal
Inspecting, prying... in search
In search of momentary catalyst
Mindful trigger that makes me this
Drastically aware of collusion
Though not visible to naked eyeful
I collapse into reclusion
My delusions now lack grandeur
Loneliness is my station
In life and in death
Without explanation
Without any fucking clue
Without my knowing a destination
Without means to diffuse

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