Friday, December 15, 2017

Video Review: ABHORDIUM Obsidian Chamber by Abyss Forgottentomb

Obsidian Chamber
Official promotional video from their new full length Omega Prayer, released independently October 27th, 2017
The start of the video makes me think about the Norwegian band Dimmu Borgir (The Sacrilegious Scorn from the album In Sorte Diaboli and Gateways from the album Abrahadabra). I first thought this band was from Norway, but they are from Finland. It's good to be surprised by Scandinavian bands because their scene has always had a lot to bring to others. Finland is not only limited to Korpiklaani or Lordi. Like some people, I j discovered this band while writing this review. Abhordium is a black metal band, like those from the early 90’s, using old video effects. It's a well-structured video and the music fits perfectly. It's typical to see bones and rites from some black metal bands. This is often related to Christianity which some (most?) of us refuse as a religion or entity. This song is inviting us to think for ourselves. Symbolism is part of this musical art. People who say black metal is all about killing people, sacrificing animals/humans are wrong. The man (as human before the unknown universe surrounding him) is in despair; there's a kind of poetry in this video. Death is everywhere (bones). In darkness there's always the light (candles). We see darkness where light is, and we see light where the darkness is: depending on your point of view. The end of the video makes things clear concerning enlightenment. The One who came first was of Darkness, and gave birth to Light. With every band there's always a message for those who are able to see and listen. It's not easy to understand when your senses are not sensitive. It's like walking through a dark Nordic forest: all your senses are on, and your emotions enter another dimension. -Abyss Forgottentomb

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