Saturday, December 9, 2017

Poem: 'The Caretaker's Children' by Coralie Rowe

The Caretaker's Children

The pale shadowing light of the waning moon
Casts its glow upon small archaic marble runes
Held in the withered grey hand of a wandering man
The Caretaker of this morbidly chaotic land

A place of unspeakable incomprehensible life
An accumulation of despicable morbid strife
Creatures formed from his depths of despair
The underlings he spawned with utmost care

He nurtured them from a thought in his brain
He gave them life, he bore them from pain
He is the father of all life here within
He is the master of his cruel creations of sin

They watch from the shadows as he passes through
Trembling with excitement when he comes into view
They quiver and quake with a wanton need
They await his command and then they will feed

They wait in silence listening for that special tune
A systematic click clack of those marble runes
His sign to them that soon they will be fed
His sign to them, that he wants someone dead

He doesn't like strangers entering into his home
He will kill anyone here who has unwittingly roamed
This is his land, no one is ever allowed to leave
This is his home and into it you will be weaved

His abysmal offspring will partake of your flesh
They will consume you into their evil mesh
Sharp teeth will chew you down to the bone
Your life and blood will them now hone

Shredding through your body and soul
These creatures delve deep till you pay their toll
They do the bidding of the Caretaker's thoughts
They will annihilate you until you are naught

Then back to the cage of their master's mind
To lay in wait for another to foolishly find
The way into the dark recesses of the Caretaker's world
Where his dire manifestations wait to be unfurled

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