Saturday, December 9, 2017

Poem: 'Cobwebs and Candyfloss' by Kay Irvin

Cobwebs and Candyfloss
I've seen enough good to know evil
My demons have danced with my angels
Hell has flirted with heaven
Wings have been scorched
Horns have been carved into roses
My broken soul is stitched with cobwebs and candyfloss
I question preachers who question me
I've looked within the eyes of the moral
to catch a hint of their sadistic hides
I've met sinners, unaware of how much pure beauty they carry
My church is the woods, the trees, nature
Dirt roads keep me gritty and grounded
Rain washes me clean
Love makes me feel whole
My crucifix is heart-shaped, thorny,
draped in patina, encrusted by tears
A perfect mess
A passionate jigsaw, whose pieces don't always fit
Night and bright, in this world
And the world in me
I play in shadows
but there's enough light to seduce my nightmares,
touching the sweet spot with ethereal dreams,
- Until my darkness moans
Of good and evil,... I am, both
Aren't we all?

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