Saturday, December 16, 2017

Video Review: SNAKEYES Metal Monster by Jaime Regadas

Metal Monster
Official video from the new full length Metal Monster released independently November 25th, 2017
Directed, edited and post production: Leo Traverso
Produced by SnakeyeS & Leo Traveso
Art Assitant Camera: Juan
If one begins to feel nostalgic about the gradual decline of over-the-top, bombastic, cheesy yet lovable heavy-metal as a fashion fad then I doubt you could find a group as loyal to such a movement as SnakeyeS. Their blending of dystopian Tolkien-esque imagery, 80s-style production and harmonic guitar leads are more than sufficient in pigeonholing this group into the genre they wish to conform to. Their single 'Metal Monster' is based upon a fictional character the group have spawned under the same alias. The character appears in the music video as a gigantic, quasi-Gladiator figure who seems to exist in order to control the band members as they visibly play their instruments in a submissive manner. The aesthetics are overtly contrived of course but once you get past that minor flaw it's an undeniable truth that the musicians can indeed play, - and they're decent songwriters, too, albeit a tad streamlined. They're a group that will appeal indubitably to fans of contemporary heavy-metal at its most raw, template and predictable, and while those adjectives aren't ubiqutuously "flattering" the group seem to pull off the corny stereotypes of testosterone-driven metal and embrace it to a certain extent. The song consists of a nice verse, memorable chorus, sweeping guitar sections and a few unexpected breakdowns where you get to hear the drummer at his most choppy and demonstrative. Whether their derivative persona is one of parody or sincerity they do manage to portray an entertaining spectacle either way. -Jaime Regadas

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