Saturday, December 9, 2017

Poem: 'Damnation Required' by Craig Michael

Damnation Required
by Craig Michael

Angels in my mind, taking me higher,
Pulling me to the pulpit, saving me from the mire.
Because I'm a street soldier, who's always prepared to fight.
I've been bred for battle.
I run the streets in the darkness of the night.

Take the molten madness, that boils my brain.
Angels in my mind, come travel through my vein.
Don't strip me of forgiveness, angels that I found.
Don't bury my bones, in the soil of the unsecured ground.

Hush, people hush!
Don't you know, precious is thy silence?
Soon cometh the dawn of hell,
Beckoning the reign of forbidden violence.
Angels in my mind, save me from the floors of pyre!
Don't wanna to see the catacombs!
Don't know how to dance on fire.

Teach me angel in my mind, I can learn.
I don't want to die, then smell my flesh burn.
I'll even teach your sacred philosophy, I’ll teach it well.
Gonna heed your revelation, don't wanna see the coming of eternal hell!
Angel in my mind, I'll change my desire.
Because it's either the light, or learn to dance on fire.

For Damnation is required.
Damnation to dance on fire.
Damnation is required

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