Sunday, January 6, 2019

Poem: 'Bathed in Blood!' by Rich Orth

Bathed in Blood!
to my dearest Countess Bathory!
By Rich Orth, 03/12/11

Jugular vein
my fountain of youth
Inflicting pain
of how it soothes

Before a harlot's begot
I rescue thy soul
Liberation of sorts
I have unabridged control
Writing your end
Before it's begun
Oh how the flesh
Can reap so much fun
Guilty of innocence
A virgins only crime
I therefore sentence you
to forever be mine
As you hang above
Shower down on my reign
Bestowing back my years
Writhing in pain
Oh how exhilarating
Bathed in your blood
Oh how exhilarating
Consummating this love
My only compunction
Is this lack thereof
Of chaste young ladies
To hold high above
For we've farmed every village
Surrounding landscape
now cleared
As I contemplate the mirror
Dreading greatest fears
So off we shall hunt
For more food for thought
Preserve this crusade
Sowing that which I've sought
To preclude nobility
Suggests me unfair
I shall darken their days
To lighten my fair
Immortality so close
Yet so far
To partake of immortality
does this appear so bizarre
These are my reflections
Mirrors long ago removed
As walled in my kingdom
Memories my only muse!

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