Saturday, January 5, 2019

Poem: 'Oblivious Sacrifice' by Jerry Langdon

Oblivious Sacrifice
By Jerry Langdon, 2016

I listened to the voices
Aiding in making choices
Now what did they bring?
Near to nothing!
War in my head
Leaving trail of dead
Spirits wander; lost
In oblivion tossed
Oblivion that are my pleas
Forcing me to knees
Demands still unmet
Blood has been let
Sacrificed in good will
He remains still;
Silently refusing my call
Hence my appall.
He or his ranks, simply
Must pay visit to me
A simple knock
Drop by my block
Those ears hear no more!
So what do I call for?
Maybe to drown out
The voices that shout;
Waging war in my head.
Try to put them to bed
Deep in mental grave
Nothing can save
Me from those undead
Voices in my head.

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