Sunday, January 6, 2019

Poem: 'I' by Natasa Nikolic

By Natasa Nikolic

Raking at my torment
Raising my gaze again
Nothing needs to be said
The draining is imminent

One calming feeling
Soon we’ll meet again
Will I dare to look next time
When you come to greet me?

I hate to wake you
Your swelling majesty
I know the eyes will wander
Shallow without compassion

The lust for control
Open smile for assurance
Pave way for a sweet scratch
Turn the blade vertically

Striking at the vein
At the right moment
It’s my pain, my power
I have the scars for proof

I tell you and still
You don’t understand
Your look of disgust
Mixed with skepticism
It hurts me more
Than I could ever do myself
I knew and I know that now
I am truly alone

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