Friday, March 8, 2019

Flash Fiction: 'A HEART OF DARKNESS' by Devin Joseph Meaney

Flash fiction by Devin Joseph Meaney

A heart of darkness is never something to take lightly, even more so when the owner was once so pure. Blackness had consumed Grace with malevolent fervor, her heart now needing to be pulled out violently like a diseased, plague ridden nuisance. To cut this Gordian knot, one would need to step aside from polite methodology, and dive deep into a grisly sea of barbaric pseudo-surgical procedures. A loss of heart is usually defined with depression and a lack of ambition or creativity, but in this instance, it would be more like a gaping chasm being chiseled from the husk of Grace's organ of love... or lack thereof. To play the strings of the heart was something that Grace was quite proficient at, many a man falling prey to her wit and gregarious charm. She was once a noble goddess, but now her aura was riddled with a vicious curse. She had become a harpy, her once soft soul now replaced with venom and malignance. Her carnal desires had devoured her loving essence, her affectionate core distorted forevermore. She did not bellow a single utterance as her heart was expelled. She did not weep as her existence faded to perpetual black.

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