Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'Queen of Hearts' by Natasa Nikolic

'Queen of Hearts'
By Natasa Nikolic

Walking alone, pink the sundown
Walking off the beaten path
My eyes attuned to red,
They’ll spot something nice

All my blood leaves the head
Going down without a staircase
Beyond the road, some stones
Further away, wrapped in silver foliage

Mimicking a film, a glaze
Nothing my hands wouldn’t bear
Within, this sight spreads confusion
Naturally I reach for illusion

I tear a vibrating tendon
I found this one, mine alone
It will lessen the pain, another clack
I press it to my chest, and head back

Pulsating, shining and alive
A whole field of it grown here
I feel its roots and sense tenderness
The easy thrill and its soft heat

I left a field of fallen hearts
Forsaken, let this one fall apart
For there is always a new path to take
Tread and walk off, by an undercroft

Head for forest again, passage is hidden
Lurking among mossy meadows
Violet shadows on fallen, powdery snow
Keeping my secret no one shall know

Descend from the peak of the hill
Fall into secretive sundown
Treat me always with spacious warmth
A new pressure spreading on my heart

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