Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'The Goddess' by Debbie Dixon

'The Goddess'
By Debbie Dixon, 2011 ©

Light envelopes you
With its passion
A poem unwritten
Timeless - hidden

Like the Goddess moon
Bright with beauty - White as snow
I wonder do you even know
How your light reflects you so

The power always you possess
Without the giving of the flesh
Yet your total selflessness
Leaves you open to the stress

Everything that you provide
Going in, then giving out
All that others talk about
And yet sometimes you go without

You do without so much as thought
Because your mind is overwrought
But love is still your darkest spell
And thus it is cast very well

And there upon your moonlit throne
You sit to some still yet unknown
And all the while you wait for them
To find their own light deep within

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