Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'Needling' by Heather Dawson

By Heather Dawson

I stopped dreaming about you
About the time I realized
That I could love deeply with out pain

You are not mine to mourn
I am an echo of your past
But if it makes your spirit move faster
I’ll forgive you to the last

I should have told you
That I was happy
That you helped me
see the crumbling facade I had accepted as truth

You helped pull the real me from the skeleton scaffolding

But I was never good with boundaries and so once again
I let my self get lost in you
Eaten whole by your nature

So as I forgive you across the divide
I pray,
Give me the same small, courtesy
I had not the strength to stand tall,
So I gave that job to you.
I handed you my person
And, being young and curious, you tested my flesh and mind to see how far I would go...

I no longer give up my power
And anyway ... he wouldn’t take it

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