Sunday, March 10, 2019

Zine Review: DIOVIM issue #10 by Dave Wolff

DIOVIM issue #10
Country of origin: Lithuania
Date of release: March 2017
I haven’t heard from this Lithuanian zine since the eighth issue, but the editor recently mailed me a promo of the new issue released in 2017. One issue of this zine is published per year but there is more than enough material in issue 10 to make up for the wait. As in the last issue I reviewed there are bands featured from several countries worldwide (Belgium, Finland, Latvia, Brazil, Germany, USA, etc), fanzine and album reviews, film reviews, news, memoirs, articles, history shorts and art. Evil Invaders from Belgium, Lureaway from Latvia, Warfare Blood from Chile, Fallen Temple from Germany Sky Crypts from Russia, Cerberus Unchained from England, Sarcastic Terror from Austria, Grimrio from Brazil, Wrathrone from Finland, InnerSphere from Czechoslovskia, Derealized from France, Demonstride from Sweden, Nox Velum from the US and more are interviewed this time around. The cover art is designed by Miles Johnston and as before is a fine representation of how sophisticated and informative this zine is. You can tell this issue was painstakingly compiled out of love for extreme metal and all the subject matter covered in the other sections. The editor who still chooses to remain anonymous hopes to continue publishing through the 2020s. Check out the website and email for more details. -Dave Wolff

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