Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'Little Children' by M Teresa Clayton

'Little Children'
By M Teresa Clayton

Little Children of the Stars and the Moon
Death has claimed your souls too soon
The Elders say "they are a casualty"
I say "innocence lost in perpetuity"
Mother's carry their lifeless babes, and they cry
Screaming in mortal pain the question, why?
The Elders say "we must win the fight"
I say "men no longer know wrong from right"
The babes of war lie broken upon the ground
Justice here is lost; their voices will not make a sound
The Elders believe they have silenced the threat
I believe they have not heard their voices yet
Your father's prayer knows not the soul it saves
Let them hear the truth from your shallow graves
Elders disregard the rules and their godly laws
I believe war is the god that spoils their cause
Little hands wrapped tightly around the truth
Obliterated before the promises of your youth
Elders put down your guns and open your eyes
I say "your wars are based on nothing but lies"
Nothing but the stories passed through antiquity
Repeated through generations of your ambiguity
Now the streets are silent, the stories they'd tell
I say "you fought for heaven and won your hell"
Today the other side bombed your city and won
Tomorrow may be yours with a new risen sun
Prepare your souls before the hour is too late
I say "the victor of this war is known as hate."
Come little children, of the Moon and the Stars
There is no place for you among men and their wars
The Elders say "wipe their kind off the Earth"
I say "we all inherit our place here at birth."
I have come to wash the blood off the ground
Collect the innocent if they can be found
Pull them into my arms, keep them safe and warm
Guard them from those who would cause them harm
Mother's take your children by the hand
Hurry; lead them out of this malevolent land
Before they lie down with the vile and profane
And become sullied here among the wicked and insane
I will watch from the gates of Eden for your return
Let the immorality of mankind and their cities burn
When all men learn to revere and venerate the Earth
Then I will sanctify the ground and return you to the lands of your birth
Lo now, you who have ears that listen and comprehend
The corruption of your own temple has left you condemned
Lay down your weapons, pound your chests and repent
Before the only sound you hear is your own agonizing lament

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