Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'Youthless77' by Jeremy Void


I want to be
a revolutionary.
I want to have a cause.
I want to fight the system.
I want to break the law. 
I beat my head against the wall
until my skin rips starts spitting blood.
I go and dance the pain away in
a terroristic fashion.
I go out with the crowd
but they all bore me and I wanna
do something else instead. 
I sit back and wait
for something big to happen.
But I sit here all day long
and nothing seems enough.
My mind races through blackness
as I contemplate the sky.
The rainbow has sprouted blood
and the evil birds are flying. 
The whole world is
immersed in flames
and I don’t know what to do.
I wait for action to be made
but it all seems way too late
to be of any use. 
I’m ignorant and undereducated
and refuse to listen to
what you haveta say.
Because your knowledge is worthless
to a kid like me who would
only go out and abuse it. 
So why don’t you go away,
cuz I’m a good for nothing
kid who belongs on a different planet.
If you ask me what’s my name
I’ll make up something sick
and cram it down your face. 
I don’t know why
I’m even writing this.
I guess just killing time.
If I had something smart to say
they might put me away for good.

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