Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'Mozart' by Craig Michael

By Craig Michael

It all came to me, came to me in the middle of night.
Visions in my deep sleep, a dream that brought my knowledge to an even greater high.
In my vision I could hear the notes.
It finally came to me, these notes were what Mozart wrote.
And when I awoke, I took my suit off the hanger,
Suddenly I understood the dream,
Mozart was a Head Banger!
He was the master, but not until his death did people really know.
And now even to this day, people gather to hear tribute to his classical show.
But even being such a big influence, he still died a pauper.
Inspired so many musicians, and quite possible even the music of little miss Lauper.
And that should make you feel so proud!
Just makes you want to listen to the Rock, all the more loud.
And Crank the volume, don’t give a damn who it might anger.
Crank it dude, Crank it!
Mozart was a Head Banger…
Now if Mozart was a Head Banger, then how about the rest?
If the ever had the Grammy’s, who would have been the best?
And what about Brahms, what about Mr. Bach?
My dream told me that even they played that heavy metal rock.
Yeah, that’s right you all,

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