Monday, March 4, 2019

PREDATOR seeks new vocalist

The openly atheist metal band, Predator (MVD/God Of Thunder records) is seeking a new lead singer.

*PREDATOR is an openly atheist North American heavy metal band with a large world-wide following. It was formed in late 2007 by founding members Damien Lee Thorr and Chris Reiser...  Their self titled debut album was fresh out of the factory when it got signed to the Arctic Music Group label, founded by Scott Hecker, in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Damien Lee Thorr later founded their own label, God Of Thunder Records and have since released a second album, Born In Blood. Their music is distributed world wide through MVD (music video distributors).

PREDATOR is the hottest true "Power Metal" group that breathes new life into the commonly heartless boundaries of heavy metal. Their debut cd-dvd set is lightning packed within a collection of high energy thrashers that grab the listener from the first awesome slash across the strings. Their reality-based lyrics are deeply thought provoking works of poetry which will leave the listener feeling and thinking more about life on multiple levels. Their controversial song and video, "Closet Anti-Christ", an amazing metal anthem that addresses the topic of domestic battery, has been praised world-wide and helped them raise money for Women In Distress.*

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