Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Poem: 'I Monster' by Jerry Langdon

'I Monster'
By Jerry Langdon, 2019

Scared off with raging fire,
Driven away by human fears.
Oh, how feeble minds conspire;
Tainting others, contaminating peers.
Their hearts crippled and black;
Cold as the night, they congregate;
Disturbing the peace that I already lack.
With monstrous idiom they agitate.
Forcing my flight from habitual wretchedness.
Driven to unexplorerd regions of purgatory.
Glacieral permafrost is all I witness.
My solitairy distance is concliatory.
Frigid winds are my only companion.
Death knows nothing of my existence.
Life refuses me its attention
My prayers are without audience
And my screams die in endless ice;
As forgotten and exiled as I.
My solitude is my sacrifice.
As unliving as I am, I can not die.

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