Friday, May 17, 2019

Full length review: BIG|BRAVE A Gaze Amongst Them (Southern Lord) by Sarah McKellar

Location: Montreal, Quebec
Country: Canada
Genre: Experimental rock
Full Length: A Gaze Amongst Them
Label: Southern Lord
Release date: May 10, 2019
Big|Brave is a three piece experimental rock band located in Montreal, Quebec, established in 2012. Avant-garde with post- doom and sludge elements, “A Gaze Amongst Them” is their fourth full-length release. Combining distinctive and strong clean vocals with dreamy and slightly depressive experimental rock- “Muted Shifting of Space” starts this release off with an ear-catching sound. “Holding Pattern” continues along this experimental rock feel with a more pared back and emotive approach, while still remaining melodic and mysterious with a slight trance element. “Body Individual” extends more into avant-garde experimental rock with heavy use of synthesizers adding to the mournful feel to this slightly chaotic track. A melodic, mournful and highly experimental track in “This Deafening Verity” combines synthesizers with the distinctive strong vocals that are a hallmark of Big|Brave. Concluding this release, “Sibling” has a post-sludge doom feel to it, providing an ominous and heavy end to “A Gaze Amongst Them”. Experimental, emotive and avant-garde- I genuinely look forward to hearing more of Big|Brave. -Sarah McKellar

Robin Wattie: vocals, electric guitar, amplifiers.
Mathieu Ball: electric guitar, amplifiers.
Loel Campbell: drums
Thierry Amar: contrabass
Seth Mancheter: synthesizer

Track list:
1. Muted Shifting Of Space
2. Holding Pattern
3. Body Individual
4. This Deafening Verity
5. Sibling

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