Monday, May 27, 2019

Poem: "Madame, Queen, Lady" by Kay Irvin

Madame, Queen, Lady
By Kay Irvin

Madame, I am here
And gift your garden
I'm knocking, placing an "x" by three
My quest is dreamy
I entrust you with my reverie
I come with flowers
I come as a simple stargazer
Quick, as a razor
Grant a wish to me
Slash the sorrow, Queen, with your beauty
Guide me, show me path
As marble leads and lines mystic ground
Gateways are spellbound
All is a journey
Among worlds that bridge infinity
I come with ribbons
I come for strength and serenity
If I am worthy
Madame, Queen, Lady
Wave some magic for my destiny

~ For Madame Marie Laveau, "Voodoo Queen" of New Orleans [1794-1881]

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