Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Full Length Review: TERRAVORE "Unforeseen Consequences (Spectrum Of Death)" (Independent) by Ashara Armand

Location: Varna
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Genre: Thrash metal
Full Length: Unforeseen Consequences (Spectrum Of Death)
Label: Independent
Release date: November 10, 2017
Monstrosity! The approach of this tune possesses a tale quality to it. There’s a real dark Melody and the vocals are severe. This band is a hidden little Jewel that came from Bulgaria. There are different bands that are coming from across Europe and they are causing a stir in the music world. That’s the point. Causing a stir makes a lot of heads turn. Once you do, I don’t think you should ever really stop. You started this the people in your life off even more just because you know for a fact you have made it.
And this band is by far the greatest. The music really oozes into you. It brings you into a different place the sample itself has a sinister front. This is the death metal I have always enjoyed listening to that sparked my interest nowadays to really, hear stuff like this.
This band came together in 2015. They have had a few years together practicing and molding their work to put out music like this. It’s expressive on a really fucked up level. They’re speaking about Truth. The collection is superb it has a lot of old-school vibes. Take a listen it's genius shit. -Ashara Armand

Kalin Bachvarov: Bass, vocals
Ivan Lazarov: Guitars, vocals
Trendafil Trendafilov: Drums

Track list:
1. Lethal Vaccine
2. Starkiller
3. Vigor Leech
4. Scaphism
5. Terror Doctrine
6. Carbonized Corpses
7. Of A Dying World
8. Catatonia
9. Spectrum Of Death (Unforeseen Consequences)

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