Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Zine Review: DIOVIM issue #11 by Dave Wolff

DIOVIM issue #11
Country of origin: Lithuania
Email: diovim@mail.ru
Released in 2018
Released last year, the latest issue of Diovim zine will introduce you to new bands you may not have heard of but should check out. There is something for fans of thrash, black metal, death metal, doom metal and goth metal to read about. The bands, record labels and promoters covered here are Abomination (Paraguay), Haunted (Italy), Sinamort (Lithuania), Stälker (New Zealand), Mortifier (Russia), Mortis Mutilati (France), Necrowretch (France), Apep (Germany), Kohtukuolema (Finland), Dymna Lotva (Belarus), Apostate Viaticum (Ireland), The Ossuary (Italy), Asfalto (Colombia), Saqar (Egypt), Craven Idol (England), Neocaesar (Netherlands), The Medea Project (England), Vilko Promotions (Lithuania), Chasing Death (Germany), Revenge (Colombia), Afflicted (France), Klavium (Trinidad, Tobago), Damas (France), End Of Green (Germany), Dlina Volny (Belarus), More Yasnosti (Crimea), Lunatic Hooker (United Kingdom) and Leprous Vortex Sun (Belarus). There is a brief editorial, articles, a film review section, a two-page review section you can extract from the zine if you’re inclined and the breathtaking cover art you can expect from every issue. There seem to be more photos than before and the layout is slowly improving. Again you have to understand Lithuanian to read all the articles but the interviews are detailed and informative… no sunshine blown up your ass here. Support Diovim, it’s well worth the effort. -Dave Wolff

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