Monday, May 27, 2019

Poem: "Ode to One" by James Kenneth Blaylock

Ode to One
By James Kenneth Blaylock, 7-30-18

One was truly my introduction to
heavy metal, it mesmerised my
fifteen year old mind, for better or
worse, my musical taste buds were
undergoing a darker transformation

it was an overwhelming onslaught
to my juvenile senses, the heavens
quaked with a thunderous roaring,
taking my breath away by degrees,
held tight to the bosom of upheaval

soaring themes of wars filled my
head, as unjustifiable things sang
dread, warriors decked out in their
t-shirts and jeans: some tatted and
pierced, others leather and chains...

myths and maidens, monsters and
devils, skeletons and fire breathing
dragons, good and evil, all delivered
through masterful skill and blasting
amps: vocal, guitar, bass and drums

One by Metallica was my introduction to the world of heavy metal. For which I am still a fan.

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