Monday, May 27, 2019

Poem: "Distraction From Reality" by Andy Horry

Distraction From Reality
By Andy Horry

Hey before you click away
From this video, let me
Just send you down a rabbit
Hole and make you completely forget
About the video you intended to watch.

Do you want to get fit quick?
Do you want to attract the right partner in three simple steps?
Maybe you want to earn lots of money with no effort at all?

If you answered yes to any
Of these questions,
I’ve got you, haha!
You’re on the end of my rod.

Now allow me to use your
Resistence to the laws of reality
Against you and in my favour.

I don’t care about the affect
I’m having on you.

Oh by the way, it turns out
I might be unaware
That the tricks I’m using on you
Could almost be used
On me if I didn’t use them
so much on others.

Because I’m unconscious too
You see. I’m oblivious to the fact
I too want to get lots of things fast.

But nothing is ever enough is it?

So here I am, using your desire
For things to change quick
So I can get things to
change quick for me.

I want more fast cars,
More beauitiful woman,
More watches,
More shoes.

More, more, more,
more, more.

I want things that I see
As separate to me,
That improve my experience
And take me somewhere better.

Anywhere but here.
In the silence..
And the emptiness.

I just can’t stand it.
Pass me that beer,

Pass me those crisps,

Pass me that pussy,
That pussy oh,

I’m just not complete can’t you see?
I mean there’s certainly
nothing that’s done it yet.
But there must be something
out there surely.

Any ideas?
It must be out there,
It has to be!

I really want to be right
But everything points in
The other direction.

I’d prefer to stay in misery
Than admit I’m wrong.

It’s just easier to endlessly
chase my tail than
Surrendar to truth.

But the truth is that things
Of value rarely come quick
And patience is something
Many of us have lost.

We run from life like it’s
A saber tooth tiger
About to pounce and
Dig it’s claws deep into
Our flesh.

We fill the moment
With distractions and
Yet refuse to welcome the
Amazing revelations.

If we’d just let go of these lies
Could the results even be measured?

Could they be marketed with
Clickbait titles and
Shameless thumbnails
With smiley teeth people
And statements so wild?

Perhaps! But that’s not the way,
Just fade away and wake up.
You’re here, isn’t that queer?

The more you accept what’s
Really here, what’s here
Becomes clear and the
Need for things to change
When you want them to vanishes.

Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?
No need to care, just serenity
Flowing like an endless river
As the sun sparkles on the

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