Monday, May 27, 2019

Poem: "Little Derelict" by Jeremy Void

Little Derelict

A cacophony
a cocoon I sit in
the disarray
it wraps me up and tries
to smother me down.

I’m innocent. I’m bright.
Will I survive the night
without trying to start a fight?
I don’t know, I’m lost
falling into your arms.
You’d catch me, but then you’d
drop me, kick me, hit me
till I bleed.
I’d plead for you to stop
but to be honest I kinda like it
makes me feel nice and raw
like an animal in the wrong.

I creep behind the city
in the backstreets, lingering in
derelict taverns.
These are my people,
but they hate me,
but they don’t know me,
but I’m totally deranged.

I see the fires burning
I’m learning to love
but I can’t stop this hate
coursing through my brain.

It’s rough and twisted
it treats me like a bitch
but then I lick it
I say give it up
give it to me
give it over
before I have a fuckin fit

but then my knees give out
and the floor breaks my fall

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