Monday, May 20, 2019

Split Full Length Review: CEPHEIDE/TIME LURKER "Lucide" (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions) by Kelly Tee

Country: France
Genre: Atmospheric black metal
Country: France
Genre: Atmospheric black metal
Split Full Length: Lucide
Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions (France)
Format: CD, digipak, streaming
Release date: May 3, 2019
When a dark and unnerving sound amalgamates with a sound full of mystery and intrigue; a 3 track Split is created, and is one of impressive proportions.
Time Lurker, a French atmospheric black metal solo artist joins forces with the French enigmatic duo, Cephiede to create a disturbing metal experience which has been clearly designed to captivate the listener for the entire 33 minutes. This type of metal will hurl you deep into a place, which is void of light, saturated with insanity and fueled by torture.
The first track from The Lurker, "No One Is Real" offers a slow burn intro throwing a false sense of security toward the listener. All securities are soon removed, when this track spirals into spasms of heavy and confronting melodic heavy riffs, frantic blast beats and double kick percussion on a canvas of agonized and tormented screams, creating an extremely haunting vibe, one which seems to propel an unsettling warning toward caution. As the track tempo increases, so too do the impressive and ambitious ambiance. The terrorized faded screams, which are relentless on this darkened number enhance this moody black metal track superbly. Prepare for a trance-like state within this solid music composition.
"Unstable Night" is very appropriately titled and is a portentous and menacing track right from the start and holds right through to its completion. Think vicious blast beats on steroids and brooding guitars as The Lurker hits the lows vocally to beastly levels, delivering a pitch-black experience. The black metal shrieking and yells that are within this track are inexorable, frightening and beautiful all in one. A track fired by insanity and things that go bump in the night “Unstable Night” is special listen and will evoke a feeling of uncertainty.
Lucide is the one and the only track on the Split by Cephiede, however, make no mistake, the duo have filled this 19-minute black journey with all their mystery, atmospheric beauty and heaviness to a point of pure black metal satisfaction. As to be expected in a 19-minute song from a band such a Cephiede they create a sense of euphoria and story. Lucide is riddled with guitars creating sounds of a very ominous and gloomy nature, which is malice at times and intended to knot the stomach. This track is chaos and contempt, meets beauty and ambiance with a fantastic heaviness, creating an epic track with a big mood.
Overall this Split was enjoyable, dark and extravagant in sound and you will somehow find splendour among the echoes of trapped souls, distressed minds and torture.
A Split to close your eyes, listen intently to, and escape! Once you are there, you may or may not want to return. -Kelly Tee


Gaetan: Vocals, guitars, drums
Fran├žois Saint Voirin: Lead guitars, bass

Mick: All instruments

Track list:
1. Time Lurker: No One Is Real
2. Time Lurker: Unstable Night
3. Cepheide: Lucide

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