Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CD Review: ERDH Sideremesis

Apathia Records
Being able to see music in color and texture makes it difficult to give fair and objective reviews. However, on this occasion, I would be remiss to avoid it. This band is this important. Their album "Sideremesis" is electronic, as they describe it. I would not. I would say that this album in a compilation of intricate and intellectually delivered music that both entertains as well as calls you to stop what you are doing and pay attention. It is captivating. Let us begin with Nicolas Pingnelain who is credited with all instrumentals. I have no desire to know if this is computer generated or if the man is playing each instrument one at a time and creating such an intense mosaic of audio enchantment by any other means but willing it to be.
Emmanuel Lévy (Wormfood) is credited with Vocals & Lyrics. Here is where I am pulled under in a maelstrom of vocal hypnotics that will not release you until it is finished with you; leaving the listener quite confused by his low registers and the frequency that it provides. It may take a while to regain some of your presence in the now after hearing him. He seems to speak and sing at the same time. The method you choose to hear it is your choice.
I did request lyrics to the songs. I am an author and poet, words are living entities to me and the words would have given me a complete study of their profoundly odd, yet extraordinarily magical gift.
Five stars for this one! I will be purchasing the album. I also hope to have the lyrics sent to me so I may offer more commentary on their ethereal mix of instrumentals with vocals. -Teresa Clayton

Track list:
1. Sideremesis
2. Backup1011
3. E-Creed
4. Pink Circuit Firmware 2.0.15 - Mlada Fronta Remix

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