Saturday, January 9, 2016


Perihelion is a German band with a twist - Zeng is powerful in delivery without the bombardment of vocals. This is a band that I could use as background to write my novellas. Don't mistake my comment as there being no vocals - there are - it is just that the music is often lost under the vocals and in this band's music - the sounds of the instrumentals and techno additions take center stage with the vocals, for the most part, filling in the background. The arrangements are played out with strong indications of genius. The vocals are in German, but it does nothing to lessen that genius. Well worth the opportunity to review them. -Teresa Clayton

Track list:
1. Tündöklés
2. Vég se hozza el
3. Felemészt a tér
4. Végtelen kék
5. Égrengető
6. Űzött
7. Hajad szél
8. Széthulló színek

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