Thursday, May 25, 2017

CD Review: BERDOO Made in USA Metal

Made in USA Metal
Made In Metal Records
Berdoo’s Made in USA Metal is an all instrumental album. What I like about an all instrumental album is, you can tell how well the band can just play. And you can really hear the notes they play. It has a nice balance mellow and high energy. Dreamie is a slower mellower track, while Feeling Electric is more intense and high energy but has a little bit of a techno sound. Solitude Times may be my favorite track on this album. I really like the smooth bass and bluesy sound on it. The Death Spiral was another good track, it has a lot of old school thrashy heavy metal feeling for me. Berdoo was formed in 1985 in San Bernardino California. They are a hard rock metal biker band. But, personally, I pick up a little southern rock sound as well. The band is made up of JC Berdoo-guitar, songwriter, vocals, as well as producer and self-promoter, Iban Nezz-Bass, and Al Lesis-Drums. Berdoo has gotten much of their influence from Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Pantera, and Randy Rhoads. They have performed with Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper and Flotsam And Jetsam among many others. -Deanna Revis

Track list:
1. Topshelf
2. 420 Ride
3. Mind Control
4. Solitude Times
5. Spawn
6. Dreamie
7. Feeling Electric
8. The Death Sprial
9. 81
10. Legend
11. The Adventure Begins (Bonus track on Itunes and Reverbnation).

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