Monday, May 29, 2017

Video Review: DESCEND INTO DESPAIR Alone With My Thoughts by Deanna Revis

Alone With My Thoughts (Official Lyric Video)
From their upcoming album Synaptic Veil, to be released by Loud Rage Music on June 5, 2017
The guitar at the beginning was a very nice touch. Good guitar always gets my attention. I like the deep growl the singer has. It is powerful and has a darkness. I like how the images behind the lyrics have a hint of creepiness. It is just enough to hold your attention. The message I got from the song was that he was singing about the dying thoughts of a man with a dark soul and mind. It’s a song about death and the seventh gate of hell. I really like how you can feel the darkness and intensity when he is singing, or growling rather, about death and hell. They have a darkness that will hold your attention. Descend Into Despair is made up of Xander (guitar, vocals), Florentin (keyboards, acoustic guitar, lyrics), Cosmin (guitar), Luca (drums), Alex (bass), Flavia (keyboards) and Dragos (guitar) and originate to 2010. They are a Romanian band from Clij-Napoca, influenced by Despondency, Heartache, and Despair. -Deanna Revis

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