Saturday, May 13, 2017

Single Review: DARK MATTER SECRET Xenoform

This is an interesting two track release. It is technical/prog/neo-melodic/post-modern/death metal/core. Obviously. Some might regard this as technical wankery of the highest order... Others will marvel at the guys’ command of exotic scales and multidimensional paradiddic rhythms and musical gymnastics, which transcends the lexicon of the average musicians technical ability and theoretical vocabulary. Neither response is particularly wrong... I have to admit the guys are really good at what they do and for what it’s worth the two songs displayed here are actually quite listenable and enjoyable, they seemed to have avoided the trap of disappearing into a vortex of their own scalic multi paradigm crossing technicality and disconbobulating time changes to create something quite musical. I just don't quite know what that is. If you didn't understand this review just go listen to the damn thing at this link or check em out on Facebook. -Reggae

Track list:
1. Unhuman Lifeform
2. Xenotrans

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