Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Video Review: WALPYRGUS Dead Girls by Deanna Revis

Dead Girls
From their upcoming album Walpyrgus Nights, to be released by Cruz Del Sur Music June 9. 2017
Compact Disc with 12-page booklet
Regular Black LP including 56-Page Comic Book, Insert & Download Code
Limited blood-red LP including 56-page comic book, insert & download code
The thing about this video is the comic book style art. The artwork is really incredible and well drawn out. The song, for me, seems to tell the story of a girl coming of age and going out into the world and becoming devoured by it, forever taken by it's evil. Even new life seems to be forever cursed by the evil. I like the way they sound strong bass, hard hitting drums, solid vocals, but thing that does it for me is the guitar. I really do love that guitar. Walpyrgus is a metal band from Raleigh NC. They get their influence from Black Sabbath, Old Slayer, Iron Madien, and The Ramones, as well as the writer H.P. Lovecraft and their own environment. The band is made up of Jonny Aune (vocals), Scott Waldrop (guitars), Charley Shakelford (guitars), Jim Hunter (bass), Peter Lemieux (drums) and Tom Phillips (keyboards, guitars). -Deanna Revis

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