Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Video Review: VOID INN I Can Hope by Deanna Revis

I Can Hope (Official Video)
Butoh performer: Marco Nektan
Director of photography: Jakov Simovic
Editor: Milos Kasalovic
Production: JK Videos
After watching this video I can honestly say I would love to see more from this band. I really liked the way it was done in black and white with only flashes of members of the band. That, in my opinion, was a great way to do a heavy metal video. It gave you somewhat of a feeling of a horror film, but at the same time you just kind of questioned the sanity of the individual. It also seems as if you can feel his pain, suffering, and sadness as it drives him insane. I really like this one because watching the video and listening to the lyrics, I could feel his screams. The strong female vocalist backed by an outstanding band makes this video and sond one I will be sure to recommend. Void Inn formed in 2010. Influenced by Danzig, Megadeth, Metal Church, Metallica,Judas Priest, and more. Members are Jelena Vujanovic-lead vox, Sinisa Pejovic-guitars, Kaspars Gringregs-drums, and Enrique Hanijosa-bass. -Deanna Revis

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